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Rachel Sills – Modernist Jewellery. Classics of modernist literature in the form of oblique 2.5 cm. button badges. Buy below, all prices incuding postage.


Rachel Sills is a co-organiser of the Manchester-based poetry-reading series Peter Barlow’s Cigarette. She has a chapbook, Endless/Nameless, in collaboration with Richard Barrett, out with The Red Ceilings Press (2015)

Tender small Lighthouse small Horror small
Tender Buttons To the Lighthouse Heart of Darkness
£2.50 (UK) £2.50 (UK) £2.50 (UK)
£5 (non-UK) £5 (non-UK) £5 (non-UK)
Nightwood small Complete
Nightwood All four
£2.50 (UK) £8 (UK)
£5 (non-UK) £14 (non-UK)

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