Chris Stephenson – Project Constellations


Unclassified Psychedelic Research subject/patient/agent file from an alternative future. Lo-res documents in a Manila dossier.

Buy for £4 from within UK.

Buy for £7 from outside UK.

Both prices include postage. Click here for a sample.


Chris Stephenson was one of the organisers of Leeds’ controversial Open Mic night LETTERBOMB. His work has appeared online in places such as Department and Blart. Most recently he was included in the Other Room Anthology 6 and the No Spy Zone Anthology from Peter Barlow’s Cigarette Press. Collections include Holes (Arthur Shilling Press 2010), Revenge of The Mirror People (Stranger Press 2013), Napoli Metro Bad Dream Sequence (Blart Books 2013) and No Ideas But In Things – with Stephen Emmerson (Dark Windows Press 2013).

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