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MJ Weller – Minimus Post Ode Poem.  Bookartobject, comprising a booklet and  pre-ode post card contained within a textual favour bag. Please email mail@zimzalla.co.uk for details.


Observing pages falling out of his author’s reading copy of Visual Associations imprint, Mike Weller’s Space Opera: The Artist’s Book – with bookwork attaining unintentional dimensionality over thirteen years; Michael John Weller’s twenty-two Home’Baked imprints Slow Science Fictions 2009 developed into Slow Fiction: twenty-three tales in a box one year later. In 2012/2013, Weller followed his installation with (Site Under Construction) – an undated, unsigned, sans imprinted fictionalized dossier of litleaf ‘zines in proof-read process.

minimus post ode poem is M J Weller’s first bookwork consciously designed as object. Mick is delighted zimZalla is publishing it.


[1] Minimus Post Ode Poem The Movie zimZalla object 21

[2] Minimus Post Ode Poem The Movie Deleted Scenes

[3] Minimus Post Ode Poem as seen on TV & YouTube

[4] Minimus Post Ode Poem adjunct 4

[5] Minimus Post coda adjunct 5

All here.

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