Alison Gibb and Tom Jenks – Pomegranates in the Oak. Sound collage poem with discovered and manipulated text by Alison Gibb and text and sound treatments by Tom Jenks.

The object’s primary text is Virginia Andrews’ 1979 novel Flowers in the Attic, from which Gibb, using instinctive selection and placement, has created a second text. This second text was then replicated sonically using spoken recordings by Gibb of the relevant sections of the original novel, with selected words and phrases isolated and spliced in order, preserving uneven and disjunctive patterns of tone and stress. This sonic collage was then fed through speech to text software to create a third, shadow text, which was recorded and added as a layer to the first track. Finally, a selection of samples, suggested by the hybrid text, were added, with some distortion.

Please email mail@zimzalla.co.uk for details.


Alison Gibb is a poet living in Cambridge.

She holds a BA (hons) in Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College, and an MA in Poetry from Kingston University, where she recently completed a MFA in Creative Writing.

Experimentation, intuition and concepts of play are at the heart of her creative practice and her thinking around poetics. She regularly collaborates with artists, designers, architects and choreographers to produce live performances and poetic texts.

Her pamphlet, Parallel To Red In Chorus was published in 2011 by The Knives, Forks and Spoons press.

Tom Jenks administers zimZalla.




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