15/07/2016:  New adjunct to Post Ode Minimalist Poem.
M.J. Weller’s zimZalla object 021 is an evolving documentation of Penge using appropriative methods and found material. Published in 2014, Mike has continued producing supporting material. You can find the latest and all the others here.

* * *

18/05/2016: bruno neiva and Paul Hawkins: Servant Drone book launch.
zimZalla writer and artist bruno neiva launches his collaborative work with Paul Hawkins, here. Servant Drone is published by KFS.

* * *

26/04/2016: Mark Leahy: Apologies for Blanks or Laments for Dumbness: Tina Darragh’s Opposable Dumbs as Open Source and/or Open Content.
Mark Leahy writes about Tina Darragh’s Opposable Dumbs, the very first zimZalla object, in C21 Literature journal.