Longtemps, je me suis couché de bonne heure

var t = 0; // Group 1 var grp1 = [“For a long time”, “For as long as I can remember”, “For ages”, “For years”, “From time immemorial”, “From my earliest years”, “From the very beginning”, “From the very start”, “For aeons”, “For donkeys years“]; // Group 2 var grp2 = [“I went up to bed”, “I got into bed”, “I crashed”, “I was tucked up”, “I was sent to bed”, “I took myself to bed”, “I went to sleep”, “I took myself off”, “I hit the sack”]; // Group 3 var grp3 = [“early”, “quite early”, “while it was still light“, “before anybody else”, “promptly”, “too early”, “happily”, “in a state of bliss”, “in ecstasy”, “pronto”]; // Function to generate random numbers according to number of items in an array. function rand_range(max) { “use strict”; return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max + 1)); } // Function to extract random item from array. function fresh(array) { “use strict”; var index = rand_range(array.length – 2) + 1, selection = array[index]; array[index] = array[0]; array[0] = selection; return selection; } // Function to create neologisms. function neologism() { “use strict”; var last, neologism, main = document.getElementById(‘main’); if (t < 1) { t += 1; } else { main.removeChild(document.getElementById('main').firstChild); } last = document.createElement('div'); last.appendChild(document.createElement('br')); neologism = fresh(grp1) + fresh(grp2); last.appendChild(document.createTextNode(neologism)); main.appendChild(last); } // Calls neologism function and sets display rules. function make_neologism() { "use strict"; neologism(); // Change this number to set how fast new combinations are created. setInterval(neologism, 5000); }