055: Ohad Ben Shimon – Until the Last Breath


When Marx wrote about fictitious capital, even he couldn’t have imagined how fictitious it could get. The invisible cities of global finance are indeed haunted but haunted by the spectres of currencies. Robert Graves said that there was no money in poetry and no poetry in money, but Ohad Ben Shimon proves him wrong. Until the Last Breath is an utterly modern work with utterly modern concerns, but does what literature has always done, documenting the world and the trace of the individual within it, seeking meaning, forming patterns, finding beauty. Until the Last Breath is as epic in its own way as Moby Dick, with cryptocurrency emerging as the new white whale. Part journal, part minimalist sequence, part virtual travelogue, this book is a world within a world within a world, a meditation on an enciphered universe.

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Ohad Ben Shimon is an artist, writer and educator based in Amsterdam. He is currently following the Research MA in Cultural Analysis at University of Amsterdam. Until the Last Breath is his second book following his debut book 2 Blue Cups on Two Different Corners of the Table published in 2013 by VerySmallKitchen. More about Ohad here.