049: Volodymyr Bilyk – ROADrage


ROADrage. Assorted collection of poems warped inside out upside down, twisted backwards and tied into a Moebius Strip by Volodymyr Bilyk, with an afterword by Gary Barwin

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Volodymyr Bilyk is a poet from Ukraine who writes in English. So he’s basically from another dimension or Parts Unknown.

Long story short: he follows Ezra Pound’s “Make It New” and considers the Pink Fairies’ song “Do It” to be quite an adequate description of his artistic intentions.

His works include: “To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank It Too” / “Eminent Means of Basil Dado Hem-Welt” (2015), “Heartbeat, Footclick, Machine Gun Vocalizes” (2016), “Eellogofusciohipoppokunurious” (2017) and “The Songs of The Great Tits” (2018).


[1] An introduction to ROADrage

[2] Gridmatrix barcode reinterpretations

[3] Blokk Reinterpretations

[4] Bubbles