049: Volodymyr Bilyk – Roadrage


Roadrage. Poetry by Volodymyr Bilyk (2nd edition, 2019).

Roadrage is a book of poems by Volodymyr Bilyk. 

These poems are warped inside out, upside down, twisted backwards, tied into a Moebius Strip because The Beatles “Because”. 

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“What does language sound like when it’s being language?”Gary Barwin

“…this is a collection of dystopian rage… it reads like a fistfight on some congested street in garish daylight.” Sabne Raznik

About the author: 

Volodymyr Bilyk is a poet from Ukraine who writes in English. He follows Ezra Pound’s “Make It New” and considers the Pink Fairies’ song “Do It” to be an accurate description of his artistic intentions.

His works include: “To When Tea Ties Hence to Wank It Too” / “Eminent Means of Basil Dado Hem-Welt” (2015), “Heartbeat, Footclick, Machine Gun Vocalizes” (2016), “Eellogofusciohipoppokunurious” (2017), and Codex Abyssus (2017/2019). He also
translated Vasilisk Gnedov’s “Death to Art” coming soon at mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press.


[1] Short Introduction to Roadrage.

[2] Afterword to 1st edition by Gary Barwin.

[3] Andriy Antonovskiy Roadrage Sonic Experience part 1 and part 2.