Mark Greenwood – Slips. 

Mark Greenwood’s LAD BROKE was a 48 hour durational performance exploring gambling in general and betting on horses in particular which took place in Liverpool in April 2012. During this performance, Mark hand wrote hundreds of betting slips, each bearing the name of a horse, either real or imagined. Slips is a selection of these, presented in bookmaker’s boxes with bookmaker’s pens. This is a strictly limited edition of art objects, with ten boxes available to buy, each box containing twelve betting slips.


Mark Greenwood is a performer and writer based in Liverpool. In 2012, Mark performed a 48 hour durational writing work entitled ‘Lad Broke’. The physical act of writing was central to the performing body in ‘Lad Broke’, while other modes of writing constituted what he refers to as a textual practice.  This practice involved a strategic accumulation of data, the deciphering of code, editing, and marking, all of which accompany the act of placing bets in betting environments.  The work evolved from an assemblage of contextual factors related to horse racing: the systematic evaluations of ground conditions, and statistics that denote the horse as an object of commodity (including weight, form and genealogies).  Visual quantifications relating to the past performances of jockeys and trainers are positioned between adverts and promotions which encourage people to bet.  These factors constitute an economy of writing, visual and sonic text.

Mark’s response to this matrix of textual fluctuation was simply to transpose horse names, both real and virtual from horse racing results on Grand National day. The winning horses were then inscribed on single betting slips and hung in the space on a web of elastic bands on order to emphasise a materiality of time passing and to quantify a durational investment on behalf of the artist and audience, signalling a relentless production that occurs in every betting shop, every day across the U.K.


£10 within UK; £12 elsewhere.