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zimZalla at the Hardy Tree gallery

September 24, 2014

Exhibition flyer


In approaching five years of existence, zimZalla has now published 25 objects. To mark this, there will be an exhibition of all of the objects so far at the Hardy Tree gallery near King’s Cross in London, running from 18th – 30th October. In collaboration with SJ Fowler’s Enemies project, there will be two events during this time, the first also featuring writers from The Red Ceilings press. Dates, times and details of these to follow soon.

zimZalla double launch

September 5, 2014

zimZalla will have a stall at the Free Verse Book Fair at Conway Hall in London on 6th September and there will be a zimZalla reading there at 14:00. This will feature the launch of one new object and the second edition of another. Any remaining will be put on sale here next week.

Jesse Glass: Play [Day] for [Of] the Dead: A [Decryptive] Dance For Mirror and Word



Inverted text to be read with a mirror. Comes in a miniature wooden or cardboard coffin with book, image, gold mirror, skeleton and skull bracelet.


Pascal O’Loughlin: Mintchocoholochismo


The original Chochoholochismo sold out so quickly, we decided to make another. This re-tooled text comes in a new wrapper and is chocmint scented. As with the orginal, it comprises a set of poem postcards presented as a chocolate bar.



Free Verse 2014

August 10, 2014

zimZalla will be here, with reading by Jesse Glass and Pascal O’Loughlin. Click on the image for more details.

Chocoholochismo: sold out

June 27, 2014

All of Chocoholochismo has now gone. Apologies if you didn’t get one and wanted one. There may be a second edition, Wonka willing.


June 26, 2014

Chocoholochismo cover


zimZalla object 024 is Chocoholochismo by Pascal O’Loughlin, 30 poem postcards in gold foil with a Willy Wonka style wrapper. For more information, visit the object page. This is an edition of 20, with one package containing a Golden Ticket to win a limited edition print.

The Making of Slow Fiction

May 23, 2014

MJ Weller, who produced the bookartobject Minimus Post Ode Poem as zimZalla object earlier this has made a fascinating essay discussing comics, conceptualism and the small publishing scene available on Home Baked Books.



Object 023: Nevermore

April 7, 2014


zimZalla object 023 is Nevermore by Tony Lopez, silkscreen printed folding card, letterpress sleeve with zimZalla rubber stamp. The text is a variation on the statement ‘form is never more than an extension of content’ attributed to the poet Robert Creeley. More details, including how to buy, can be found on the object page. This is a limited edition of 40.


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